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GYROKINESIS® Lotus Blossom 1

Taught by Specialized Master Trainer Miriam Barbosa

Time: TBA

Course Fee: $450
Non-Refundable Studio Fee: $225

Course Location
Body Evolutions East Village
266 E 10th St (between 1st and A)
New York, NY 10009

For more information:
call: (212) 375–0430

Course Description

The Gyrokinesis Lotus Blossom courses were originally developed by Juliu Horvath as part of his GYROKINESIS® Rejuvenation Course, and in 2013 were introduced as independent courses. In this course, students learn a new 1 hour and 15minutes Gyrokinesis floor sequence, and a 30 minute, standing nerve strengthening sequence. The floor sequence consists of a floor version of the seated spinal motions, in addition to level 1 and intermediate level floor sequences. The Nerve Strengthening Sequence is a special treasure that Juliu developed many years ago and is re–introducing as part of the new Lotus Blossom #1 Couse. The Nerve Strengthening Sequence can be incorporated with the Lotus Blossom #1 Class format, and can also be incorporated with any Gyrokinesis level class format.

The entire Lotus Blossom #1 course is accompanied by a custom music score that has been developed by Juliu Horvath, and Rodolfo Troncoso specifically for this class format. The music in the course has been created in such a way that it resonates with the intention of each movement sequence.

Course manuals, and a music download option are included with the course. In addition, the Gyrokinesis Lotus Blossom #1 DVD will be available for purchase, exclusively to course participants.