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Bob DeNatale

Instructor - Pilates

Bob has been teaching Pilates for over two decades.  Trained as a dancer, Bob is motivated by a desire to help people connect with their bodies and stay active and healthy throughout life. He was certified in Pilates through the Physical Mind Institute and has done continuing education with many talented instructors.  In addition to Pilates and dance,  Bob has studied Yoga and Qigong, and brings all of that experience to his Pilates sessions. He has extensive experience with pre-natal clients and clients of all fitness levels and ages.  Bob understands that being healthy means feeling good in mind and body.  It means having a graceful and functional body that works with ease and efficiency in every activity. He believes Pilates sessions should be invigorating, enjoyable, and effective.  In his Pilates sessions and classes, Bob focuses on activating and strengthening the core, strengthening and lengthening the entire body, improving alignment and functionality, and addressing the imbalances in the body that can cause pain and discomfort.