Letter from Juliu Horvath, "Creator Gyrotonic®"

Miami Beach,
February 21, 2011

To Whom It May Concern:
I am writing on behalf of Billy Macagnone, a GYROKINESIS® Trainer in our organization since 2001. It is my opinion that Billy has taught Gyrokinesis methodology to the many teachers and clients who have taken classes and Training Courses from him over the last 10 years in an exemplary fashion, and his understanding of the work continues to evolve.

To further elucidate my evaluation of Billy’s abilities, I would just like to touch upon Billy’s martial arts background. Billy has taken Gyrokinesis movement principles and applied them to his already extensive martial arts experience and practice, in a sense refining and softening his expression of his strength and power. By applying Gyrokinesis principles to his martial arts practice, he has demonstrated a true manifestation of physicality without aggression. He has realized his potential for “internal martial arts”, which is where true strength, peace and harmony lie.

Thus, Billy’s understanding of Gyrokinesis principles has elevated his understanding and practice of martial arts, thereby revealing to me that he grasps these principles on a deep level, and he then passes on this understanding to the people who take his classes. I highly recommend Billy as a Gyrokinesis teacher in any capacity that would further widen humanity’s awareness of Gyrokinesis movement principles.

Juliu Horvath
International GYROTONIC® Headquarters USA

Billy Macagnone Martial Arts