body evolutions studios

body evolutions studios

Wherever you live in NYC we have a prime location in Manhattan with easy accessibility from anywhere in the city.

We look forward to seeing you soon.

East Village

Established in 2001, and recently rennovated, Body Evolutions is the largest and most fully equipped GYROTONIC® studio in Manhattan with 12 Tower Units, 2 Jumping Stretch Boards, a GYROTONER, Leg Extension Unit and "The Archway". Learn More

Union Square

Body Evolutions Unon Square offers Pilates and Gyrotonic.
Our teachers and staff are devoted to personal development and to help our clients reach their full human potential through the transformative wisdom, experiential enlightenment, and practice of mindful movement.

The studio is designed to enhance concentration and to engender a sense of physical accomplishment and overall well-being.
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West 72nd Street Studio

Authorized GYROTONIC Master Teacher Billy Macagnone and his team of certified teachers are very excited and dedicated to bringing the joy that comes from making gyrotonic part of a persons health habits to the Upper West Side residents! Learn More